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Revived: Road of Kings (Full)

2 usd

Your world and a magical realm are both threatened by a mysterious force. Fight an evil wizard and the terrible fog he controls before they destroy everything. • ONLY YOU CAN STOP AN EVIL WIZARD! The devious Cornelius has escaped imprisonment. He has a plan to blend and extinguish two worlds by releasing a terrible fog.
• EXPLORE AN EXCITING AND MYSTERIOUS WORLD Embark on a journey down the legendary Road of the Kings to find the wizard and stop him and his terrible fog.
• GAIN TWO CHARMING COMPANIONS!You will be joined by a raccoon that will collect hard to reach items and a dragon who breathes fire.
• DEFEAT A VILLAINOUS WIZARD BY UNLOCKING THIS FANTASTIC COLLECTOR’S EDITION! Stop the past from unraveling in a bonus adventure. Explore enchanting wallpapers, concept art, and re-playable mini-games in this beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure.
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